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Jan 19, 2013 6:30pm PST
good tough offense. i don't think their defense can handle us. >> reporter: meantime, at the airport, 49er fans have arrived. >> quest for six, new orleans style. don't give up. >> you came from -- utah? >> salt lake city, utah. >> reporter: the 49ers will win sunday because why? >> because justin smith is going to do his thing and all the smiths going -- alex smith is going to have to do his thing. if they do their thing and the defense steps up and does what they did last week the offense is going to step up too. we're going to be all right. >> reporter: not quite the kaepernick tattoo but this will do. all want one more trip to new orleans and super bowl xlvii. in atlanta, vern glenn, cbs 5. >> all right, thanks vern. the raiders named quarterback coach greg olson the new offensive coordinator. he becomes the team's fourth offensive coordinator in the last four seasons. >>> college hoops rose bowl winner. first half dwight powell with the strong move inside and muscles his way in for the bucket. stanford up eight at halftime. justin cobb brings cal within a point but that's as clo
Jan 12, 2013 6:30pm PST
. however, we always say being a defensive player, turnover circuit is always important. ravens, the ravens won that battle and they were very successful. >> andre carter came into the post game show because of the length of the game, never got on. but 1:30 into the newscast is better than nothing. that's andre carter, cbs 5 football analyst. . >>> former cal star shawn lindley got himself a court sight seat, cal hosting washington state. cal took a 29-27 lead at intermission. second half, justin cobb off the screen, the elbow jump shot, good. it was a close game throughout the afternoon, but in the end, wallace again. the freshman off the bench, had a career high 16. cal pulls away, winning 67-54 and improved to 2-2 in the pac- 10. >>> santa clara welcoming in byu this afternoon. first half, broncos down 6. clark makes the nice pass. santa clara, down 9 at the break. second half, kevin foster would bring santa clara back. nice finish with the left hand. foster had 22. game tied. byu went on an 18-0 run. tyler haas from downtown had 24. byu runs away 82-64. santa clara now falls to 1-3 in c
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2